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as9100 certified company

Partner with an AS9100 Certified Company for Precision Parts

Finding the right partner to work with for your manufacturing needs can be tricky. With so many different certifications and qualifications on the market, it can be hard to know what to look for. Depending on your industry and product, you will want certain qualities in a manufacturer, however, everyone can benefit from working with an AS9100 certified company. 

What is the AS9100 Certification?

The AS9100 certification sets the standards for implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) to address the “loss of life” risks that are inherent in the aerospace and defense sectors. The certification was released by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and is based on the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standards with additional aerospace and defense industry requirements.

The Importance of the AS9100 Certification

This certification shows just how dedicated your manufacturer is to the quality of your products. Since this certification is specifically for aerospace suppliers, it shows that the manufacturer is taking all of the numerous necessary steps needed to meet the strict requirements of the aerospace industry, how they improve the quality of their products, and how they reduce the risk associated with the products as well. 

The Benefits of Working with an AS9100 Certified Company

Improves the Quality of a Company’s Products and Services

AS9100 is known internationally for its quality assurance in critical industries such as aerospace and defense. Both of these industries are extremely demanding and require very tight tolerances to ensure proper functionality. They must also follow critical safety testing standards as defined by the manufacturer and are committed to the highest quality of manufacturing. This shows that companies that hold an AS9100 certification can handle the most difficult of projects with ease.

Continuous Process Improvement

AS9100 certified companies are subject to annual regular process audits. This allows them to continue to meet procedural, documentation, and continuous improvement requirements. These audits, procedures, and documents ensure best practices for manufacturing processes, leading to efficient production (i.e. parts delivered on time) and higher-quality products (i.e. parts delivered on spec).

Smoother Manufacturing Processes

Since documentation is required for every issue within the manufacturing process, AS9100 certified companies can quickly and easily identify the root cause of the issue and take steps to avoid it in the future. This shows that the manufacturer has the ability to problem solve in real-time and continuously improve their processes as they operate. 

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