Wave Solder

Using wave solder fixtures can provide a multitude of benefits ranging from supporting the PCB during the wave soldering process to reducing the amount of time required for hand “touch-up” operations after the wave. In addition, wave solder fixtures reduce solder defects, permit wave soldering while masking bottom- side components, create thermal protection for heat sensitive areas, ensure proper component placement and provide consistent, repeatable and high-yielding soldering results.

Dedicated Fixtures

GSC can provide you with all forms of wave solder solutions that will increase your soldering effectiveness and reduce your soldering costs. Our fixtures can be engineered, designed and manufactured to your specification and deployed for use with a basic single-sided through hole PCB or a densely populated PCB with double-sided SMT’s.

Wash Baskets

GSC’s wash baskets are designed to prevent damage to the PCB and can be made to fit any size PCB.

Titanium Stiffeners

GSC’s titanium stiffeners come in a variety of forms that will maximize PCB rigidity during the soldering operation.

Workboard Holders

GSC’s workboard holders are designed to provide maximum access for component placement. All pins, tabs and supports are made out of tool steel to ensure repeatability.

Adjustable Fixtures

GSC’s adjustable wave solder fixtures provide maximum flexibility to the operator and greatly reduces the changeover time of wave machines. Each fixture is able to hold PCB’s of varying sizes and quantities. Ideal for either prototype or low-volume production runs.


GSC provides the finest quality aftermarket fingers for many wave soldering machines. We only use high-grade titanium for our fingers and we DO NOT OFFER any plastic or stainless steel fingers. Our fingers come in many forms including thick, thin, L and V fingers.