Problem Solved #1 - Precision Manufacturing

The problem was that the customer needed a fixture that would bend 8 FET’s simultaneously to a tight tolerance in the low tenths. If the tolerance was not held, the lead would be completely sheared off. In addition to the precision forming capability, the fixture needed to be heat treated in order to maintain rigidity.

The solution that GSC provided was a forming die that held the tight tolerances and prevented the leads from being sheared off. In order to manufacture the fixture, GSC utilized its precision machining, in-house grinding and in-house heat treating capabilities. 

Problem Solved #2 - Extreme Tolerance Requirement and Needed on Monday

The problem was that the customer needed a complicated reflow fixture with a lid to hold and locate over 60 components tightly packed in a small space on the PCB. The existing process was yielding an unacceptable rework rate. Complicating the situation is that the fixture was needed on the coming Monday and GSC was called just before the end of business on Friday.

The solution that GSC provided was a reflow fixture that was engineered to balance the competing requirements of locating the components accurately and minimizing the effect on the heat profile. GSC’s can-do attitude resulted in working throughout the weekend and delivering the fixture on Sunday afternoon to the customer.

Problem Solved #3 - Creative Concept

The problem was a PCB that required hand soldering of loose wires on both sides of the PCB. Complicating the issue was an LED that had special angle and height mounting requirements.

The solution that GSC provided was a fixture that held the PCB vertically and allowed for simultaneous access to the both sides of the PCB. In addition, the fixture allowed the operator to pre-load the wires and LED into the fixture before soldering. Ultimately, GSC’s engineering team by thinking “outside the box” was able to deliver a fixture that significantly reduced both assembly time and the defect rate.

Problem Solved #4 - Design for Productivity

The problem was a super high-density PCB that was not being populated before soldering. Complicating the issue was the need for a top-hat to hold the components in place. However, the top-hat obstructed the view of the components and the operator was unable to visually inspect all component placements and verify proper placement.

The solution that GSC provided was a top-hat system that would only engage if all components were loaded properly thereby eliminating the need for visual inspection. As a result of the top-hat system, the defect rate for non-populated components was reduced to zero.